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Looking for a CRM solution for your office or agents? Realoz LIVE is a web based data basing, clients & client contact plus comprehensive listings system designed to complement and extend the functionality of Realoz. Realoz LIVE is available only to users of the Realoz desktop product.

  • access to all listing information
  • client management
  • client contact
  • flyer & catalog production
  • web loading reports
  • listings
  • sale/contract information
  • client details
  • web loading statistics
  • email bounce rates

Realoz LIVE is the most comprehensive integrated CRM system on the market. Using the latest software development tools, Realoz LIVE offers detailed information on property’s uploaded to LIVE from the Realoz Office desktop system.

Realoz LIVE is accessed via the web so buyer matching, property information and buyer contact details can be accessed by sales staff from anywhere. Send email and sms campaigns and access detailed reporting without the need to install any software.

All information is updated live as changes occur in your office. If you’re ready for the most comprehensive CRM data basing system on the market today, contact us for more information.

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Create and send newsletters and mailouts effortlessly with the emailing wizard, include feature properties, property lists, individiual greetings and signatures.  Target your mailouts to your entire database or using matching criteria.

  • Customisable Include Lists
  • Bounce Rates
  • Buyer Matching
  • Easy to use Email Campaign wizard
  • Feature Property

Comprehensive listing, contact and campaign reports means your agents will always be on top of the game. 

  • Contact Reporting
  • Stock Reports
  • Open Home Reports
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Webloading Errors

Store detailed contact information including buyer matching criteria and buyer activity.  Easily assign targeting to your contacts making them instantly identifiable as buyers or sellers, past or future, or simply a subscriber to your newsletter.  Targets are completely customisable making the system flexible enough to suit any requirement.


  • Bulk emailing and SMS
  • Buyer Matching
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Import contacts from CSV
  • Contact Targeting

Listing and property information is automatically uploaded from Realnz Office and Realnz RPM so your agents always have the latest details at their fingertips.  Listings are read only so your administrators retain full control.  The entire life cycle from market appraisal through to settled sale is readily available.

  • Webloading Errors
  • Property Inspection details
  • Calender of important listing events
  • Customisable Property Lists
  • Sale and Contract details
  • Flyers and Window Cards