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  • Posted July 20, 2020

General Release - 0.1.7 17 July 2020


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General release

Released Friday, 17 July 2020
9 Items

1 Bendigo bank format

Now available

2 Bond remittance details

Tenancy Name added to the details on the Bond remittance line items

3 Inspection Schedule report

Key number added

4 Arrears report - date selector

Date and manager selection available for the arrears report.

5 Save saleserson with no code

Validation added to enforce a staff member code

6 Suppliers report sort and filter options

Sort by name and balance

7 Owner quick email

Changed the auto greeting to use the personal salutation instead of the owner name

8 Mid Month owner payouts

Report print function was bringing through the entire current month instead of using the cut off date

9 Mid Month Statement

Subtitle added to report - 

Mid Month displays 'Interim Mid Monthly Statement Only'

End Of Month displays 'End Of Month Statement'

One-off displays 'Statement Only'