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  • Posted August 14, 2020

General Release - 0.1.9 13 August 2020


Edit release

General release

Released Thursday, 13 August 2020
13 Items 1 Comm and GST report

Commission and GST report available from the properties list > Financial

2 Quick search


3 Update banking restrictions

Update banking no longer allows the user to select the trust account

4 Conditional expiry date column added to filtered stock list

Stock > Under Contract > Conditional Expiry date available in the stock table

5 Email work orders - add property address in subject line

Property address is now included on the subject line of the email

6 Increase attachment size limit on Tenancy email

Temporary change to allow for functionality until CRM is released

7 Stock - suburb addition Mapua

Mapua in Nelson

8 Tenancy letter merge field - Actual Vacate Date

The date was populating as Vacate + 1 day

9 Display maximum file size

Maximum file size for attachment on quick email to display

10 Compliance report additions

Insurance due report 


* Renewal Date
* Property address
* Policy Number
* Insurer
* Type

With filters for date and manager

11 Key register improvements

Paging and searching added to key register (/setup/keys)
Improved formatting to 'Is in office' column

12 Tenancy contact sheet changes

Tenancy detail > Reports > Tenancy Contact Sheet
   * Bond amount added
   * Lease start & end dates added
   * Manager added

13 Quick email from inspection

Quick email available from the inspection details to either the owner or tenant/s