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  • Posted August 27, 2020

General Release - 0.1.10 26 August 2020


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General release

Released Wednesday, 26 August 2020
10 Items

1 Region and area added to Tenancy letter merge

Region and Area added to Tenancy letter merge

2 Send AgencyContact to domain.com.au

AgencyContact ID can now be sent instead of the agent details for Domain.com.au.

The field for the code is available in the portal tab in Staff.

3 Inspection letters merge fields

Will work for both Tenant and Owner records.




4 $0 balance bonds

Bonds that have been paid in but reversed were displaying in the Transactions > bonds list.

5 Quick search - Street number to be included

Refinement added.

Recent changes ignored the street number for Properties as it was bringing through too many records. 

The search will now include the number as long as it is searched alongside the street name.

6 Tenancy merge field - rent due to vacate

New field available

7 Owner statement email subject

The email subject now appends the Owner code and name for use when separating records.

8 Tenancy Activity Report

Column heading changed from Paid To to Next Due

9 Tenancy > Letters > Merge field for Arrears

New field {{ArrearsAmt}}

10 Diary notes date sorting

Date column now sorts correctly