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  • Posted December 07, 2016

LiveInspector Android Marshmallow Runtime Permissions

Android Marshmallow has implemented "Runtime Permissions" on top of the normal permissions that are approved for use by an app when it is installed.

The means that your Android Marshmallow device may fail to use some system resources if permissions aren't approved while running the app for the first time (or through the settings area).

LiveInspector has implemented requesting these permissions for the following

  1. Using the camera
  2. Accessing the file system to store photos taken in LiveInspector

It is recommended that you APPROVE these requests while using LiveInspector to remove the possibility of inability to use the above mentioned features of the system.


To check if you've already assigned these permissions on your Android Marshmallow device, goto SETTINGS -> APPS -> select LIVE INSPECTOR -> select PERMISSIONS, and ensure that both the options for Camera and Storage are turned on.