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  • Posted October 07, 2016

Are you backing up regularly?

Backups are one of the most important day to day jobs in any office. Always make sure to back up to a drive that you can take offsite and where possible, keep a copy offsite at all times by bringing in alternate drives each day.  Backup media such as external hard drives and thumb drives are incredibly affordable these days and considering the possible down time they protect you from, are a very smart investment.  

We all too often see clients facing the daunting task of re-entering large amounts of data after hardware failures and human error because they have not kept regular backups.   Backing up your data takes only minutes each day.

It is also important to regularly review your backup procedure to ensure you are still backing up the correct files.  Even if your IT support people handle your backups, you should still request regular reviews.  

If you have any concerns at all over your backup strategy please contact the Realoz service desk.